Motorola Moto 360 Is The Smartwatch You’ll Actually Want To Buy

We didn’t have to wait long to see the first devices running Google’s new Android Wear system. Motorola has just unveiled the Moto 360 – a round smartwatch that is surprisingly awesome.

Let’s be honest – with a few exceptions, the current smartwatches available on the market just suck. They are either too simple to be actually useful, or look so bad that nobody would ever want to wear them on the wrist. The new Moto 360 is on the right track to change that. It does not only come with all the best features of Android Wear, but also sports a really stylish and elegant design that doesn’t try to reinvent the traditional watch design.

Unlike most wearables we know, the Moto 360 has a circular display that makes it look like an actual wristwatch. The case and the bracelet are made of metal that gives the impression of luxurious solidity. If you’re not very fond of metal bracelets, don’t worry. When the Moto 360 will launch onto the market, it will be available in a variety of styles, including rubber and leather bands.

The Moto 360 is powered by Android Wear, which means that you can pair it with your smartphone to access notifications, control media playback, and see your workout performance in real-time. Thanks to tight integration with Google’s Now service, the watch displays information when you need it most. For instance, if you happen to travel abroad, Google Now will send you a reminder about a delayed flight or lost luggage.

We do not know when exactly the new Motorola Moto 360 will be available for sale, but it can’t happen soon enough.

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