Moov – Wearable Fitness Tracker With A Voice

Siri, a virtual assistant that lives inside your iPhone, is capable of many things, but it cannot measure your health and sports performance. Well, it was true until today, when the Moov appeared. The new device designed by Nokola Hu, a talented former Apple engineer is on the right track to revolutionize the world of ftiness trackers and wearable computers.

The Moov is different from other fitness trackers available on the market. Rather than collect data from a variety of built-in sensors and display it in the form of boring charts, it instead is your voice of feedback and guidance. When attached to the wrist, the Moov analyzes tracks all the details – like the speed with which you run or the angle at which you move your legs – to provide you with advanced real-time voice feedback. The device sounds exactly like Siri, so you’d not be surprised to hear it cheering for you during the workout.

Long story short, the Moov is a digital coach that you can strap to your arm or ankle. If you listen to it, your training will not only be more effective, but also as professional as the one of a world-class sportsman.

A number of accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers lie behind the magic of the Moov, but they are not for you to see. The internals are hidden in a stylish casing made of durable plastic. The circular shape makes it look more like a state-of-art wristwatch than a traditional fitness tracker. It is also very light and thin and the built-in battery is promised to last for days of use.

The Moov tracker – coming with support for five activities – will go on sale in summer for $120. However, if your inner athlete is eagerly calling to decision, you can pre-order it now for just a half of the retail price.

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