MIUI For Android Tablets

MIUI is one of the greatest custom ROMs available for Android. It was built by Chinese device maker Xiaomi and brings beauty and style to Google’s operating system. We have always admired it for impressive and bold design, but now we like it even more as MIUI was updated with support for tablets.

Polish and great attention to detail make MIUI stand out. The interface is bright and colourful and full of beautiful transition animations. While scrolling homescreen pages, launching apps, and switching between them, you will realize how much time and effort Xiaomi has put to make the experience that smooth. Using MIUI is a joy and in all its visual appeal it is as intuitive as iOS used to be before iOS 7 came out.

On tablets, MIUI looks even better as it was redesigned to take advantage of larger displays. Many pre-installed apps boast new layouts that work well in both portrait and landscape mode. Blank space? With the UI built specifically for large-screen devices, that should not be a problem.

Functionality is on par with any well-made Android ROM, but customizability options are far richer. MIUI allows you to personalize the look and feel of almost every element of the interface, including status icons, notification toggles, and buttons. Moreover, you can browse and download thousands of quality themes available in the built-in online store. Features and apps such as virus scanner and permission manager are not missing, too.

Eager to give MIUI a whirl? If you own a second-generation Nexus 7 tablet, you can install the beta version right now using Xiaomi’s simple guide.

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