iPhone 5C 8GB

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iPhone 5C 8GB

Apple has just launched a new, cheaper version of the bright iPhone 5C and it can be yours for as little as £429.

In order to decrease the price of the device, Apple has reduced the amount of storage and the iPhone 5C comes with only 8GB of built-in memory. If you've learned to keep your files in the cloud, that will be more than enough. However, those who do not have an unlimited data plan or prefer to save their favourite songs and photos locally, should rather go for a phone with either 16GB, or 32GB of storage.

Specs-wise, the cheaper iPhone 5C is identical in every way to the hardware that launched back in September last year. It is available in five vibrant colours and offers a 4-inch high-resolution display, a fast processor, and a 8 megapixel camera. Additionally, the device runs iOS 7.1, which means that you get access to thousands of amazing applications you can download from the AppStore.

iPhone 5C 8GB - £429