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iOS 8 Healthbook App Concept

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iOS 8 Healthbook App Concept

Healthbook is one of fours new apps expected to debut with the release of iOS 8 in summer. It will most likely be a powerful program designed to record user's heart rate, buried calories, and glucose level and to collect that data, it will most likely hook up to a smartwatch. We don't know if the legendary (already) Apple iWatch even exists, but since we do not have any proof that it does not, we are allowed to speculate. Many analysts and journalists are wondering how the Healthbook app will work, but it is a designer who came up with a feasible proposal.

The video you can see below was created by Marco Andrea and posted on the ConctepsiPhone channel on YouTube. It shows a concept of a working Healthbook app, which looks almost exactly the same as in leaked photographs. It has a colorful tile-based interface that displays information on daily objectives, walked distance, blood pressure, and even personal health summary. The video says that Healthbook is a "the diary of your body", which syncs with the iWatch and allows the user to keep track of various body values.

Andrea's concept looks great and we can easily see Apple create the real Healthbook app in a similar way, but that is all rumors and you should take with a grain of salt. We know the company is working on iOS 8, but will Healthbook be included inside of the system? We will see in a couple of months.