Incredible Digital Paintings Created With An iPad

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Incredible Digital Paintings Created With An iPad

Most of those who have an iPad probably use it for consuming content such as watching videos, reading stuff online and playing games. But the iPad can also be a great device for creating content too as these digital paintings show.

Igor Cheban was gifted an iPad last year and has used the tablet to produce some incredible digital paintings that you'd think were done by an experienced artist. Incredibly Igor is actually self-taught and only does these paintings as a hobby.

Every painting has been done with his fingers - no styluses or aids. Apps used are Procreate on iPad and Brushes on iPhone.

02 - Puppy Rottweiler

03 - Storm Catchers

04 - Sailfie

05 - The Climber

06 - Berry

07 - Snow Bison

08 - Hand Picked

09 - Reddit flavored

10 - The Walking Ted

11 - Captain

12 - Penguin Prom

13 - This isn039t tuna

14 - Licked

15 - Soaked

16 - Antlers

17 - Octopus