Ethereal House On The Cliff by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

The House on the Cliff, a beautifully minimal residence located on a cliff in Calpe, Spain, was designed by Fran Silvestre and reflects his unique skill to put a virtue into architecture, give it a deeper meaning, and make it respectful of the landscape.

Under the hot Spanish sun, like an unusual shadow casted over the coast, the majestic House on the Cliff rises to the sky. To call it “clean” would be an understatement as the house is fundamentally an elusive and homogeneous structure of white. The colour makes it shine bright and harmonizes with the blueness of the Mediterranean sea. A combination of white and blue, distinctive for architectural style of the warmer parts of Europe, adds to elegance of the residence.

The shape of the monolithic structure is boxy and angular, with no curves to be found through out the exterior. Each and every element of it, including the extended swimming-pool, staircase, windows, and supports for the main living space, maintains the same colour to emphasize and underline the unity of the house.

Equally clean and minimal is the interior as it was designed to mimic the style of the house. It is spacious and full of light, with sparse decoration and home appliances discreetly hidden from the sight. The furniture is barely there and every device – sinks, cupboards, counters – appears to be an integral piece of the architectural skeleton of the house.

The House on the Cliff is beautiful beyond words. Close your eyes and imagine yourself lean out over its balcony. Can you feel the soft touch of wind on your face?

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