Dragdis May Be The Best Bookmarking Tool Ever

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Dragdis May Be The Best Bookmarking Tool Ever

I've tried many different bookmarking services over the years but as always I give up after a while because it just becomes tedious. The user experience involved with most bookmarking services just doesn't feel right.

The ideal bookmarking service is the one which allows you to save stuff literally in a second and with as few clicks as possible.

Dragdis is a bookmarking service that may completely change the way we bookmark stuff. Instead of multiple clicks, multiple screens and having to organise stuff into folders, Dragdis simply allows you to drag and drop. The UX involved is at its very basic and as always is one of those things "why hasn't anyone thought of this before".

When you get started the tutorial involved takes only a minute to get through and shows you how to quickly bookmark stuff. It's a very easy and painless process.

A great feature with Dragdis is that it saves all content (except videos) on its servers. So if a site were to go down, you'd still have the images that you saved from it.