Contemporary Lv-Z House In Mexico

If you’re into clean-lined architecture, the Lv-Z House in Puebla, Mexico, will earn a soft spot in your heart within seconds. It’s an interestingly shaped residence that draws attention and differs from the traditional cube houses in almost every possible way.

There is no hip roof or a porch with a rocking chair on it. Designers from NonWarp set the bar high for the developing trend of minimal architecture. The residence takes advantage of the little space on the intersection of two streets thanks to its unique shape that brings the letter Z to mind. Courageous construction solutions allowed the designers to infuse the buildings with elegant simplicity and impressive eccentricity.

The Lv-Z House goes far away from the conventionality as it has three facades, one of which is closed in order to provide privacy and avoid direct sunlight. The other two were built with openness with mind and feature narrow windows that overlook the street on one side, and the garden on the other. They’re numerous so the light could penetrate the inside and fill it with warmth.

Despite the misleadingly compact size of the house, it fits two floors. The living room, kitchen, and service area are at the ground floor whilst bedrooms and secondary living room are located at the top floor. All the chambers provide a great amount of space.

Aesthetics-wise, the Lv-Z House is a gorgeous example of modern architecture. Shape and construction aside, its exterior was painted white, but thanks to a number of subtle, yet distinctive accents such as dark panels between the windows and light-hued support for the front, it does not give an impression of a clinically clean building many contemporary buildings fail to avoid.

A combination of interesting shape, natural coating, and firm additions make the Lv-Z House a very inspiring living space.

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