Adobe Revel For Android

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Adobe Revel For Android

As far as pictures go, there are plenty of great backup options available for Android users. The first the probably the most popular is Google+, which comes with auto-upload as well as a bunch of other really intuitive and advanced features. Then there is Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive... the list goes on and on. It doesn't end, though, as new services keep popping up in the Play Store. The latest and the most exciting one is Adobe Revel.

Adobe is a world's famous creative software maker. If you're a Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign user, you know that Adobe's name most often means quality. Similarly associated is the company's app suite built specifically for mobile devices. It includes Photoshop Touch, Content Viewer, Scout, Connect, and many other useful tools and utilities. The newest addition to the family, Revel, is different, because it is more of a cloud-based service.

Adobe Revel allows you to create your very own private picture gallery, to which you can upload your favourite pictures and share them with your closest ones as well as edit them to make sure your memories look their best. Adobe didn't forget about privacy, too. You can control who can view, organize, and edit pictures.

The app is not only an appealing backup option for your photographs, but also a hassle-free social network. Want to share pictures from your wedding with your parents who live abroad? Give Adobe Revel a whirl and see how simple it is.