5 Best Android Icon Packs & Themes


Undeniably one of the best features of Android is the amount of customisation available to users. It allows users to customise all sorts of stuff such as the keyboard, the launcher and even apps.

Another point of customisation are the icons. Android allows users to easily apply replacement icons if they don't like the default icons provided by app developers. It's a great way to add a level of consistency across icons and a great way to add a bit of style.

Here is a post of our five most favourite Android themes. We don't choose themes based on how many icons they have, we choose themes based on their style and detail.

MIUI v5 Icon Theme for Android


Pop UI - Flat Icon Theme for Android

Pop UI

Flatro - Flat Rounded Icons Android Theme


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If you have any favourite themes, make sure to share them in the comments below.