1Password Is The Best Program for Password Management

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1Password Is The Best Program for Password Management

With the amount of online accounts we have dotted around the web across many different services, it can be impossible to remember a different password for every one. It's why most users use the same password but this is very risky. If a hacker were to gain access to one of your passwords, they could use it to gain access to many of your accounts.

1Password is program that helps you make strong passwords and saves them into one place for you to easily use when accessing different accounts on the web. The program can be very tightly integrated with your web browser so you can quickly put in passwords for different accounts.

When logging into an account, 1Password can also save the username and password for it, so next time you try and log in, it'll fill in the fields for you.

If you work across different computers and devices, 1Password also has you covered. It can be synced across all your devices via iCloud, Dropbox or local WiFi.

If you share accounts with family or for business, you can use 1Password to share login information. It's a really great way to for them to have access to login info without having to go through the hassle of messaging it to them.