13 Apple Products That Never Hit The Market

Very few people on the face of Earth are geniuses and have brilliant ideas come to their minds every time without fail. In most cases an idea is a fruit of months – if not years – of thinking and prototyping. Even Apple, a company considered to be among the most creative businesses in the world, follows the step of creative process in hope to come up with an idea for a revolutionary product or service. But every successful product is preceded by tens of thoroughly tested prototypes built to explore various ideas and approaches.

Most of them never see the light of day or are sold to collectors for thousands of dollars. Today, courtesy of Hartmut Esslinger of frog design and Fast Company, we’re presenting you with a list of 12 great Apple designs and prototypes that have never appeared on store shelves, but have had a significant impact on current devices. From workstations to laptops to portable phones, they offer an inspiring insight into Apple’s past and allow us to see what a long way the company has come over the years.

Americana, 1982

Apple II, 1982

Apple IIC, 1983

Apple IIC II, 1983

Flat Screen Workstation, 1982

Jonathan Mac I, 1982

Jonathan Mac II, 1982

Lisa Workstation, 1982

Macbook I, 1982

Macbook II, 1984

Macintosh Studies, 1982

Macphone, 1984

Modular Mac, 1982

Slate, 1982

Sony Style, 1982

Baby Mac, 1985

Tablet Mac, 1982

All images taken from Design Forward, published by Aenoldsche Art Publishers, and copyright Hartmut Esslinger & frog design team.

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