10 Useful Extensions For Google Chrome


10 Useful Extensions For Google Chrome

Google Chrome is liked by millions of people from all around the globe for the speed, reliability, and tight integration with Google services it offers. However, it is more than just a browser, and Google has proved it by releasing Chrome OS – a Chrome-based lightweight operating system designed for affordable notebooks. Chrome and Chrome OS have a lot in common but one thing is particularly prominent – various apps and extensions can be installed on them.

A right choice of extensions can turn your computer or tablet into a Chrome OS machine and allow you to do certain tasks without shutting the web browser down. There are thousands of them available on the Chrome Web Store, with functionality ranging from pretty basic to surprisingly powerful. We’ve selected 10 that – in our opinion – offer the most useful features that will improve your workflow, upgrade browsing experience or make your life easier. Enjoy!

Note: Items are in no particular order


A unique alternative to Chrome’s default new tab page. Instead of a grid of icons and shortcuts to most visited websites and favourite apps, Momentum lets you to start the day with a high-definition photo of a gorgeous landscape. It changes at night, so when you launch the browser tomorrow, it will greet you with a brand new background.

Apart from the breathtaking landscape, Momentum displays a large clock, a personalized greeting, and – what makes it even more interesting – an inspiring quote. Additionally, it allows you to set a goal for the day and have it remind you about it every time you open a new tab. There’s also a discrete to-do list in one of the corners and a weather notification.


A powerful replacement for Chrome’s new tab page. It was inspired by Now, Google’s smart service that analyzes your data and presents it when and where you need it. iChrome may not be as smart, but it most certainly is useful. It comes with an array of widgets that extend its functionality and allows you to take the most of your new tab page. Google Search, Gmail count, notes, to-do, and news, weather and stocks are just to name a few.

All that is packed in a fresh-looking interface with widgets displayed as tiles and customizable background.

Twitter Notifier

A must-have extension for every Twitter user. Twitter Notifier does not only notify you about new mentions and messages, but also is a fully-featured standalone client, which you can launch directly from the toolbar. It has everything you’d expect from a Twitter app, from basic functionality like tabbed interface to support for multiple accounts.

It may not look as good as TweetDeck, but it is fast, smooth, and reliable.

Google+ Notifications

Receive notifications from Google+ no matter what webpage you're currently on. This extension is incredibly simple and requires almost no configuration.

Directly from within the toolbar you can view your notifications and dismiss those, which you're not interested in.

Send To Kindle

Do you have a Kindle e-book reader? If so, download this simple extension to be able to send web articles to your Kindle directly from the browser. The whole process is hassle-free as it comes down to clicking just one button. One you do that, Amazon’s service extracts the article from the website and pushes it to your device.


Pocket is an extremely simple and easy to use extensions for service known under the same name. After you download it and sign in, it displays a button in the toolbar. Click it to save currently opened website, video, or image to Pocket.


There are many ways to check the weather on Google Chrome, but Stormcloud is undoubtedly the fastest and the most elegant one. It is a handy extensions that displays a four day forecast and wind and pressure. Moreover, it shows current temperature directly on the toolbar so you don’t even have to launch the app to see if it’s cold outside.

Stormcloud’s interface is beautiful and minimal and we love it.


An official extension for the popular to-do service. If you’re an Any.do user, download it now to edit your lists without reaching out for your phone or tablet. Thanks to simple interface, the app is really easy to use and all the important features are there.

iCloud Bookmarks

For brave users who work in both Apple and Google ecosystems at the same time, the iCloud Booksmarks extensions was created. It syncs your iCloud bookmarks with your Chrome bookmarks. Sign in with your iCloud account, wait a few seconds, and enjoy all your favourite links in one place.

Pixlr Touch Up

Pixlr Touch Up is a powerful extension – or maybe an app – that allows you to edit your photos using a number of advanced tools. Those include auto fix, touch up, clone, crop, resize, and more. Additionally, you can apply effects and image or text overlays, too. Pixlr Touch Up was developed by Autodesk, a company known for great software built for architects and designers, so you can expect the highest quality.

If you recommend any other Chrome extensions, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.