VSCO Cam 3.0 For iOS

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VSCO Cam 3.0 For iOS

VSCO Cam, one of the most popular and powerful photography apps for iOS, received a major update today that brought plenty of new features and full integration with Grid - VSCO's picture-based social network.

VSCO Cam is one of our favourite camera apps as it combines beautiful design, advanced functionality and very nice filters. It allows you to take and edit pictures, apply filters, save in-app, export to the library or share with friends. Basically, VSCO Cam is like a curated version of Instagram for those who through the lens of their phones see more than food and cute kittens.

Until now, the app had a basic integration with Grid and enabled you to create a profile and post pictures. With todays update, VSCO's social network has turned into an ever-changing gallery where you can view the latest pictures published by users you follow. It's basically launched its own social network.

In terms of new functionality, developers brought improved horizontal and vertical alignment for pictures, an ability to sort presets (filters) and save pictures to device's memory automatically, refined tools, and a number of other updates.

In order to start your amazing adventure with mobile photography, head over to the AppStore to download the all-new VSCO Cam for free.