Twitter To Get A Radical Design Overhaul

Twitter is reportedly testing a new design for its user profiles. Usually what web services, like Twitter, do is test a new design to around 1% of the user base before making it available to everyone – just to make sure it improves the user experience instead of hindering it.

The user profile design Twitter is testing will highlight images and videos as well as separate posts. That said, it looks a lot like a mixture of Facebook and early version of Google+, with posts displayed as tiles, a profile picture in the top left corner and larger header image. There seems to be a number of new elements such as the “joined” date being displayed in the header image. There is now a prominent tab for photos and videos, something Twitter looks to be pushing even more now.

The social network has been through one interface overhaul just a few weeks ago and it looks like it will also spill into the user profile designs too. Hopefully these new profile designs will make for a more engaging experience on the desktop.