Best Twitter Apps For Android

There are more than 15 million Twitter users in the UK alone and about 80 percent of them are active on mobile device. It is difficult to guess how many of them are on Android, but it is safe to assume that is a considerably large number. If you’re among them, you’ve probably been looking for a good app that would help you tweet your thoughts in an easy and beautiful manner.

There is a wide selection of Twitter apps for Android. Apart from the official one, you can download plenty of third-party clients that offer different features, styles, and interfaces. Before you head to the Play Store to browse thousands of thousands of titles to find the right one, check out the list of the best Twitter apps we’ve rounded up specifically for you. We’ve picked apps that – in our opinion – will suit your every tweeting need and fit your phone like a glove. Enjoy!

Note: Apps are in no particular order.


Being the youngest featured in the list, AeroPlane combines simplicity with elegance. It was developed with great attention to details and designed to follow Android’s visual language.

AeroPlane offers the most important functions – including drafts and conversation view – packed in a beautiful and coloful user interface. It is not as powerful and feature-rich as other Twitter apps, but it one of your great options if you’re eager to try something new.


When it was released a few weeks ago, Talon was all over the news. Android fans from all around the world praised it for a wide array of features and sleek interface.

They were most certainly right as Talon is a full package; it’s both functional and beautiful. In addition to modern design that takes advantage of all changes introduced in Android 4.4 KitKat, Talon offers all features you’d expect from a decent Twitter app. Live streaming, notifications, multiple account support, conversation view and pull-to-refresh are there, just like widgets, various viewing modes, and highly customizable look and feel.


A highly anticipated app that left many users with mixed feelings. You can either lave, or hate Carbon. The app sports a distinctive, unique look that makes it stand out, but doesn’t appeal to everyone.

Carbon’s gesture-based interface is dark, gloomy, and futuristic, with gorgeous animations and transitions. The aesthetics are on a very impressive level, but some believe the developers paid more attention to the look than to intuitivity and easiness of use. If you want to find out on your own, download Carbon and see for yourself. In terms of features it’s like every other decent Twitter client, so you risk nothing.


A modest, yet incredibly polished Twitter app. Thanks to reliability, smoothness, and gorgeous and easy to use interface designed specifically for Android, Tweedle has quickly become our favourite.

The app offers a number of colour themes (all inspired by Google services) as well as font choice and inline media preview. As for features, there is support for notifications (unfortunately, no push), live streaming over Wi-Fi, filters, and multiple accounts. Simplicity, natural elegance, and polished animations are the icing on the cake.

Sometimes we wish Tweedle was the official Twitter app for Android, it deserves it.


Twidere sports modern interface and nearly as many features as the official Twitter app. You can tweet, reply to posts, favourite the funniest mentions, and send direct messages to friends, but there’s more. Twidere comes with support for drafts, filters, profile header images and media preview.

Moreover, it has three themes to choose from, and a unique dual-pane layout for tablets.


Tweetings looks slightly dated, but offers an impressively long list of features. Those include pull to refresh, in-line media preview, TweetMarker support, three colour themes to choose from, links shortening, filters, and plenty others.

What makes Tweetings unique, is support for true push notifications over both 3G and Wi-Fi. They work for news tweets, followers, and interactions, so you’ll never miss an important event.


An open-source Twitter client created by Chris Lacy, the talented developer behind the awesome Action Launcher app.
TweetLines boasts a clean interface paired with a number of features. It has support for multiple accounts and automatic media preview for images and videos. Additionally, you can use volume keys to scroll through your timeline. The design is neat, with nicely highlighted header images and intuitive gestures.

Despite being completely open-source, TweetLines receives updates from time to time, so you will not be left on the ice.


The official Twitter app used to be our number one, but it was before the developers cluttered it with useless features and made a few bad design decisions.

The app is reliable and fast, but not very intuitive. Access to direct messages and profile is not as easy as in other clients, Instead, you get quick access to trending discover and activity tabs. Moreover, the app displays ads and promoted tweets in the timeline.

However, it still is a good-looking and very smooth application so if you’re not particularly fond of any aforementioned apps, you can go with the official one.

If you recommend any other Twitter apps for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.