Pacemaker - The First iPad DJ App To Use Spotify

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Pacemaker - The First iPad DJ App To Use Spotify

There are already quite a few DJ apps available on the App Store for iPad that it'd be pretty difficult to come up with something more interesting. But Pacemaker has done a good job by including one very important and game changing feature - Spotify.

There is only so many songs you can fit on an iPad so instead of buying and download hundreds and thousands of tracks, why not incorporate Spotify right into the app - giving you access to millions of songs.

Of course as with any DJ app, Pacemaker includes a bunch of features you'd come to expect such as looping, beatskipping and applying a bunch of FX such reverbs, echos and more.

You don't just have to use Spotify though, Pacemaker can also use songs stored on your iPad that you've put on there through iTunes. So you can mix a Spotify song and an iTunes song together if you like.

Pacemaker is free on the App Store but you'll have to pay to unlock some features in the app. You'll also have to pay for a Spotify prescription, you can of course use your existing if you have one. The app even comes with a free Spotify trial so you can give it a test run before putting your money down in a subscription.

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