Official Wireless Headset For Sony PlayStation 4

If you’re like me, you can’t imagine gaming without a proper sound system. Whether it’s a pair of powerful speakers, or high-quality headphones, it is esential to provide the best gaming experience possible. Sony appears to know that as the company has unvieled the Gold Wireless Headset, a brand new wireless headset for the PlayStation 4 console.

The headset offers 7.1-channel audio and a noise-cancelling microphone for voice commands. It has an ergonomic, foldable design, which makes it a perfect companion for a long trip.

The gear works with portable devices such as PlayStation Vita, but if you’ll want to hook it up to your PlayStation 4 console, you’ll be able to do it wirelessly as well as – as a welcome gift from Sony – download additional game modes developed exclusively for the new headset.

Sony’s Gold Wireless Headset, along for a dedicated companion app and a software update for the console, is expected to arrive very soon for $100.

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