Minimal Copenhagen Portable Speaker

There are devices that blur the line between a tool they were conceived to be and a fashion piece. One of them is Copenhagen, a gorgeous speaker designed by Vifa.

At first, you could take it for a classy handbag, but in actuality it is a powerful speaker that can easily be carried around. It has a handle that encourages interactivity and invites you to touch the device. The handle is not the only reason why the speaker can be compared to a handbag. Designers went for a relatively unique set of textiles as they had used matte polished aluminum frame and high-quality cloth-akin material for the grill cover. The result is an extremely elegant speaker with a slightly domestic character, a feature typical for Nordic school of design.

The Copenhagen has no other buttons than two embroidered volume rockers on the front panel. The speaker was built to work with Bluetooth, DLNA, AirPlay, and Wi-Fi, but of course you can connect the old fashioned way via a 3.5mm headphone jack or an optical cable.

Vifa Copenhagen comes in six vibrant colours. Pricing and availablity are to be disclosed.

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