Manage Your Contacts Beautifully With The Connect App For iPhone

Contact management is no easy affair and sometimes the default contact app that comes with our devices may not live up to the ideal user experience we’re looking for. Thankfully there are app developers who want to change that, and there’s a new contact app worth trying named Connect.

As you’d expect from a contacts app, it allows you to browse and edit all the numbers and addresses you’ve saved in the device’s memory. But it can of course do a lot more than that.. Connect boasts a gesture-based interface that uses swipes to call or text. It also allows you to create lists of the most (or the least) favourite contacts and easily reorganize them, and send a message to multiple recipients at once.

All that is seasoned with polished visuals and smooth transitions. Connect’s interface was designed with iOS 7 in mind, so it can easily replace the default contacts app and will fit the system like a second skin. If you want to give it a shot, you can download it from the AppStore for free.

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