Best Live Wallpapers For Android

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Best Live Wallpapers For Android

Do you know what a live wallpaper is? If you’re a long-time Android user, you’re probably familiar with this term, but if you’re not, it is an animated image that can be set as a home screen background on your phone or tablet. Live wallpapers are one of the greatest ways to give the device a fresh new look and make it more beautiful than ever as well as impress your friends.

There are hundreds of live wallpapers available for download in the Play Store, so it is not easy to find the right one. Additionally, some of them are poorly developed and slow down the system or cause a massive battery drain. In order to help you dodge those bullets and choose the perfect background that will spice up your phone or tablet home screen, we’ve put together a list of the best live wallpapers. Enjoy!

Note: Wallpapers are in no particular order.


A vivid red wallpaper inspired by the one that can be found on all Google Play Edition smartphones and tablets. Large bubbles and particles of light slowly move up your phone screen, floating around and forming unique patterns. The animations are smooth and fluid and the wallpaper doesn’t slow the system down. It offers no customization options, but simplicity works in its favour. You just set the wallpaper and enjoy the stock Android-alike look.

Mountains Now

A relatively new live wallpaper that has quickly gained a lot of traction from both press and users. It was designed to mimic Google Now’s graphics style, so it will fit your phone like a glove. Mountains Now features animated boats that travel up and down a river, with rocky mountains in the background. What makes the wallpaper unique, is the use of gyroscope-based 3D Parallax effect and four themes that change automatically depending on the time.


An example of a live wallpaper done right. Created with great attention to detail, Circuitry follows Android design guidelines and will fill your phone or tablet’s home screen with both colour and pattern. As the name suggests, the wallpaper draws endless paths that eventually look like a beautifully animated circuit board. Circuitry doesn’t use much resources and allows you to match your personal style by choosing the background colour.


Being one of the most popular live wallpapers available on the platform, Origami features colourful rhombs that fade and appear beautifully on the home screen. It was designed to follow the latest trend in wallpaper and graphics design and with 9 different themes and more than 60 customization option to play with, without a shadow of doubt it will become one of your most favourite live wallpapers.

Nexus Triangles

If you’ve seen a Google Nexus phone or tablet running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, you might have seen a wallpaper that was an inspiration for Nexus Triangles. Author of this app turned a static image into a good-looking mosaic of low-poly shapes that make your phone feel alive.

Nexus Triangles offers tons of customization options such as speed, transition effect, and colour schemes. As if that wasn’t enough, it has a built-in battery indicator mode that fades the colours of your choice to show you how much power is left on your device.

Light Grid Pro

A wallpaper that fills the screen with a grid of tiles of different shapes and colours. It allows you to choose between squares, circles, and hexagons as well as apply various themes and add animated effects. Light Grid Pro may look simple, but in practice it is a very customizable wallpaper that will give your device a slightly futuristic and highly unique look.

Fresh Leaves

A gorgeous wallpaper that puts a realistic, 3-dimensional tree on the display of your phone. It features an impressive level of polish and allows you to apply a season theme to match the look of the trees outside the window. Additionally, Fresh Leaves comes with a couple of lighting themes that change automatically during the day as well as visually stunninng weathers scenes, thunderstorm for instance.

Before downloading Fresh Leaves, make sure your phone is capable of running it. Due to the number of 3-dimensional elements and HD graphics, the wallpaper may significantly impact the performance of some older devices.

Ocean HD

Just like Fresh Leaves, Ocean HD feels like a whole world – or at least a part of it – in your pocket. It gives you a peek at a gorgeous underwater environment where schools of fish swim past you, ominous sharks scamper overhead, and rays glide magnificently in the distance.

This stunning wallpaper features silky-smooth animations with plenty of detailed 3-dimensional models and realistic lighting system. If you have a thing for fish or are an avid diver, you cannot miss on Ocean HD.

3D Image Live Wallpaper

More an utility than a wallpaper, this app allows you to turn any image into a highly responsive gyroscope-controlled parallax background. Just like on iOS 7, 3D Image Live Wallpaper basically gives the home screen a 3-dimensional look and feel. It is a simple, yet very impressive effect that may turn out exactly what your phone needed to feel fresh again.

If you recommend any other live wallpapers for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.