Futuristic Car UI Concept

Technology is slowly making its way to our cars. More and more manufacturers equip them with on-board computers that can replace the traditional dashboard as well as allow us to play music or even surf the web directly from behind the wheel. Unfortunately most car manufacturers are doing an awful job of making touchscreen based dashboards useful. They’re slow, clunky and sometimes more dangerous as you have to look away from the road to carry out some actions. Some cars do have voice control but none of them even come close to the sort of tech Google and Apple can offer.

Matthaeus Krenn, a talented product designer from San Francisco who has come up with his own concept for a car user interface. Matthaeus turned his idea into a video, in which he presents what truly intuitive car interface should be. In his eyes, icons are dated and obsolete. Therefore, he has replaced them with finger gestures to take advantage of the touch screen technology. Depending on the number of fingers that touch the display, different functions are activated.

For instance, if you touch the screen with two fingers, you can control the volume, and when you add one more, you can change the music source. Swiping on the screen is more intuitive than staring at the small display in order to find a small button reponsible for heating. Additionally, it allows for eyes-free control so drivers could focus more on the road.

It is obvious that Krenn’s proposal is intriguing to say the least. We can see it being entusiasthically adopted by car manfucaturers as it’d have a positive influence on both user experience and safety. If you own an iPad and are eager to try the project out, visit this webpage on the tablet.

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