Look At How Much Facebook Has Changed Over The Years Since 2004

We did a post earlier today showing how Facebook looked 10 years ago today and a letter from Mark Zuckerberg, showing his gratitude of what Facebook has become and what it has helped him achieve.

But obviously Facebook has gone through numerous redesigns over the last 10 years, here are some of them.

2004 – when Facebook first launched. Showing the schools it was available at.

2005 – Facebook drops “the” and now becomes facebook.com, though it still used “the” in the name. It also expanded to high schools and gave users the ability to upload pictures.

2006 – the social network starts opening up to the world, giving everyone the ability to sign up. It also introduced the iconic Facebook logo we see today and hasn’t been changed since.

2007 – by the end of the third year, it already had 50 million users.

2008 – was the year when the App Store launched and when Facebook created their iOS app. Since then the app has become probably the most downloaded app ever. In 2008 they also introduced Facebook chat.

2009 – the introduction of the like button. You could like pages, statuses and more.

2010 – the site hits a whopping 500 million users.

2011 – the year of the Timeline and the front page news feed. It was one of the biggest and boldest redesigns Facebook introduced, many complained about it, yet more and more users were registering.

2012 – the photo viewer gets a makeover as photos become the most popular media on the site. Facebook also introduces sponsored stories.

2013 – timeline gets a minor redesign, now it’s just a single column with a sidebar on the left.

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