Dbrand Skins

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Dbrand Skins

Usually I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to vinyl skins on gadgets. Most skins I've come across are not great quality, don't last long, start to peel and just don't look great. So when dbrand asked if I could try out their skins I was of course skeptical.

Upon receiving the skins I was pleasantly surprised by the feel and quality of them. I didn't go for the ugly carbon fibre look, why people think carbon fibre looks good on gadgets is beyond me, each to their own I guess. I went for the titanium and wooden skins.

The wooden skin was applied to my Nexus 5 where it actually fit very well. It completely changes the look of the device. Giving it a much more natural look. It would be nicer to have a real wooden back on it though.



I applied the titanium skin to my PS4 but only covered half of it. I didn't want to cover up the gorgeous piano black finish and I think it actually looks better that way. It hides the matt black plastic and actually makes it look more sophisticated. On the PS4 you can barely tell it's a skin, it's so professionally done. Friends were so impressed that they thought it was a special edition PS4.

If you're after vinyl skins for your gadgets dbrand may be one of the best out there right now. They're not exactly cheap but they will last.

Dbrand Skins