Dash – Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Bragi, a small, yet very ambitious company from Germany, has created Dash – the world’s first smart wireless earphones.

Dash, like any other wireless headset available on the market, allows for listening to music and can be paired with any MP3 player (or not, since the device comes with 4GB of internal storage). However, the list of features it offers doesn’t end here. Inside the semi-translucent, waterproof casing, the earpieces hold an array of sensors that can measure your heart rate, oxygen saturation, and level of exhaustion as well as track workout performance.

Moreover, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, Dash doubles as a wireless headset. Embedded ear bone microphone and built-in noise isolation guarantee crystal clear voice quality.

The Dash appears to be the best solution for runners and athletes. If you’re looking for a powerful wireless headphones, head over to Bragi’s Kickstarter page and pledge at least $180 to receive the earpieces.

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