Armatix iP1 Smart Gun

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Armatix iP1 Smart Gun

Nowadays even guns are smart. However, unlike smartphones, smartwatches, and smartTVs, their smartness is more than just a tricky feature designed to make our lives easier or more enjoyable. Smart guns, including the stylish iP1 by German consumer military company named Armatix, can improve our safety and substantially reduce violence.

The iP1 is a 0.22-caliber pistol that looks no different from other handguns. As you'd expect from a personal weapon, it is relatively elegant, but this is not what its uniqueness is about. Thanks to a cleverly designed safety mechanism, the gun will fire only from its owner's hands. The owner must have a special RFID-enabled watch on the wrist or else nothing happens when he tries to use it. The iW1 watch is sold separately for $399 and must be activated with a PIN number to make sure the weapon will not fall into the wrong hands.

Imagine you have your gun stolen. Normally you'd be worried that it may be used to hurt somebody, but with the iP1 it is not possible. The pistol will not fire if anyone else but you pulls the trigger. Armatix's gun puts technology into good and noble use to make us feel safe and we hope more weapon manufacturers will follow the trend.

Armatix iP1