Amazing Crow’s Nest Residence in California

Holidays are still a couple of long months away, but it is the best time to start thinking about them. Do you have a vacation house or plan on buying one? If so, you will love the amazing Crow’s Nest Residence in California. With plenty of interesting architectural and design solutions, the house may be a great source of inspiration.

The residence stands on an adjacent ski hill and is surrounded by trees. Proximity of the forest and seclusion of the building made architects from Mt. Lincoln Construction studio draw inspiration from the landscape. As a result, main structure of the house is made of natural wood, just like the frame and most of the finishing.

Elevation is plain, but that cannot be said about the shape of the residence. Its design is an interesting sculpture where geometry-based forms are complimented by gentle curves and arcs. Slanting roof is flat and supported by solid ribs. Very noticeable is a extraordinarily large number of windows. Every room affords a breathtaking view of the mountains to the North. Their high peaks can be seen through glass panes almost as tall as the house itself.

The inside is lightsome and finished with smooth light-hued wood. Furniture is simple, yet appears to be comfortable, and subtle touches render the interior warm and welcome. Apart from a big fireplace carved in stone, coziness can be found in the study, dining room, and kitchen. The house has a sauna, too, so you could get proper rest after a day spent hiking.

Amazing landscape, spectacular design of the house, and warmth of the interior make the Crow’s Nest Residence a perfect vacation house. It was meant for short-term stays, but I wouldn’t mind living there for a whole year. Would you?

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