You Can Now Get A 128GB MicroSD Card

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You Can Now Get A 128GB MicroSD Card

If you're looking to buy the Galaxy S5, be prepared to get a microSD card as well. The device comes with either 16GB or 32GB of on-board storage, but it is definitely not enough to store all those 16 megapixel pictures and 4K videos. Luckily, SanDisk has got you covered. Just in time for the launch of Samsung's new flagship phone, the manufacturer has announced a 128GB microSDXC card.

A whooping 128GB in a fingernail-sized device? A few years ago it would be unthinkable, but today it is more than possible. SanDisk's breakthrough card does not only offer plenty of storage, but also a modern chip that allows for lightning fast write and read speeds. In other words, recording and playing high-resolution (or even 3D) videos saved on the card is a breeze.

Now you may be wondering if your device supports the new 128GB MicroSD card. If your device supports the MicroSD XC platform then it will most definitely support this new card.

In the US, SanDisk's 128GB microSDXC card can be bought exclusively at BestBuy and Amazon for $199. Global availability and pricing details were not announced.