Squarespace Launches Its Own Logo Creator

Squarespace, the company known for easy website creation, has just launched an amazing new tool for anyone who wants to design a logo.

Their logo builder is aimed at non-professionals, just like its website creation service. It’s for people who find programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop too daunting to create their own logos.

You can put in any name or tagline you desire, then choose from an array of symbols to use along with them. You can search for all sorts of different symbols too.

The tool is very easy to use and allows users to quickly put together a logo within minutes.

Now this may look like an attack on designers who create logos for a living. If you’re a logo designer who does feel threatened, you shouldn’t be. This logo creator can only use one symbol at a time. Users cannot create their own shapes. Users cannot manipulate the text or use different fonts. And of course most users probably don’t put a whole load of thought into it when designing a logo. If you’re a professional logo designer, you will know how much work their is behind a logo.

Squarespace Logo Creator