Spectacular Andrew Road House In Singapore

Whether you have a thing for minimal architecture, or you’re a designer looking for inspiration, the Andrew Road House in Singapore will undoubtedly be a joy to your eyes. It is a strikingly modern residence where aggressive geometric shapes of the exterior correspond with lightsome and airy inside.

Architects from AD Lab studio took advantage of the uneven terrain to lower most facilities and living spaces down into a sunken court. That allowed them to provide increased level of privacy for the inhabitants and make the main structure more unique. Construction of the house features stylish white painting, undulating roofs, and sharp edges as well as glassed-in facades and glazed walls opening to a large swimming pool. Irregularly shaped lush lawns, trees, and garlands of plants are an interesting addition to the otherwise monochromatic exterior.

The interior of the Andrew Road House is an incarnation of elegance. Designers went for a combination of soft palette of light and dark colours. As a result, white walls contrast nicely with black or earthy finish and simple furniture compliments considerably abstract appurtenances, such as aluminium tables and wire lusters. The inside is also very spacious and thanks to large glass panes, very lightsome.

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