PlayStation Now - Stream Games To Consoles, TVs, Tablets & Phones


PlayStation Now - Stream Games To Consoles, TVs, Tablets & Phones

Netflix changed the movie streaming landscape and Sony hopes to do the same with gaming. Today at CES 2014, the company announced PlayStation Now - a game streaming service that will work across consoles, TVs, tablets and smartphones.

PS Now will be available in the US this summer and will allow users to stream games from the PS3 library to a variety of platforms. Users will be able to stream full games right to their devices and can choose from the whole library if they sign up for the subscription model. A rent by title offer is also in place - perfect for those who don't play too much and like to enjoy only one or two games a month.

No pricing has been announced yet and it'll only be in the US for now. Sony haven't given any sort of timeline for other regions yet.

To be able to stream HD games as well as respond to controllers, users will require a pretty powerful and fast internet connection. So it's understandable why Sony are taking their time with releasing such a service. Not many people will have a capable internet connection, leaving them frustrated from the get go.

It'll be interesting to see how the service evolves and whether companies like Microsoft and Nintendo will follow suit.