Momentum Brings Inspiration To Chrome’s New Tab Page

Chrome’s New Tab view usually shows you thumbnails of your most viewed websites, but if you’d like to spice up that page a little, Momentum is worth a shot.

Momentum uses high-definition photographs of some beautiful landscapes in the world as a background for various widgets and applications. Those include time, current weather, personal greeting, quick link to your apps page as well as a handy to-do list. Moreover, as it can also display motivational quotes, the extension may offer you a proper dose of inspiration.

Thanks to a smart widget that prompts you to set your goal for the day (or focus, if you prefer), Momentum can also help you tame procrastination and get on with things.

Momentum is packed with useful features and with uncluttered and sleek interface, it is visually attractive. You can download it from the Chrome Web Store for free.


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