LaCie Fuel Expands Your iPad Storage to 1TB

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LaCie Fuel Expands Your iPad Storage to 1TB

To have the highest possible storage capacity (128GB) on your iPad Air or iPad Mini, you'll have to pay in excess of £200. Even then, it's definitely not worth coughing up the extra cash.

LaCie wants to help combat the storage issue and has come up with a brilliant solution. The LaCie Fuel is a portable battery powered hard drive with a capacity of 1TB (1000GB). It connects to the iPad via WiFi and can run for 10 hours - the same run time for an iPad.

The hard drive can connect up to five devices at once and can support three simultaneous HD streams to three different devices. The device doesn't need a WiFi hotspot to connect to devices, it creates its own so you always have connectivity.

Even though LaCie are marketing it as storage expansion for the iPad, it can be used on other devices too such as iPhone, Mac or PC.

It's an ingenious solution for expanding storage and at £169 it's very well priced.

LaCie Fuel - £169