JUMP – A Charging Cable With A Built-In Battery

Smartphones are becoming more powerful and they’re becoming thinner – the tech we have in our phones is evolving at an incredible rate. But there is one thing which is evolving at a very slow pace compared to the rest of tech and that is batteries.

We’re still very dependant on batteries to power most of our gadgets but those batteries usually take hours to recharge and don’t last very long because they have to power so much.

Carrying around an additional battery pack can be handy and many people already do it, but those battery packs also need to be charged. So you still need a cable to keep everything charged, maybe even two cables – one for your phone and one for the battery pack.

JUMP is a Kickstarter project which combines both the cable and battery pack into one. Most of us usually leave our phones to charge for hours beyond needed, JUMP wants to take advantage of this situation. The charging cable packs a battery pack right into the middle of it. Which can then be used to wrap the cable up neatly and slip right into your pocket or bag.

Most people leave their smartphone on charge all night, that is a perfect time to use JUMP. Only when the device is fully charged will JUMP charge the battery pack.

The battery pack in the middle is not anything amazingly big, at only 800mAh, but that should be enough to give most people a significant boost to their smartphone battery life.

JUMP comes in both Lightning and Micro USB versions so it’ll work with iPhones/iPads and basically all Android devices.

The project has already been funded and is currently over $70,000. So if you order one now you will definitely get one in the middle of this year.

JUMP – $40

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