Jaku Cydia Jailbreak Theme for iOS 7


Jaku Cydia Jailbreak Theme for iOS 7

If you don't like the flat and ugly icons that come with iOS 7, which have clearly been made with Microsoft Word, you'll love the detail that goes into Jaku.

Jaku is a cydia/jailbreak theme available to all those who jailbreak their device. The theme has been my personal favourite for a few years now and it still is today.

The developer has updated the theme to now work with the new A7 devices such as the iPhone 5S and iPad Mini/Air.

The amount of detail and intricacy that goes into each icon is phenomenal, it really makes use of that retina screen. You'll end up spending time looking closely to see the little things - like how the hands on the clock app move in real time, and how the notes app has evidence of paper tears at the top. It's far from the flat trend that is taking over everything right now. I personally think Apple have done an awful job of it in iOS 7.

Jaku brings back the detail and skeuomorphism we love in our icons back to our homescreens. It is currently available on the Cydia app for $2.99 - a bargain when you think about the weeks of time that has gone into making the icon set.

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Jaku Close Up

There will be someone who asks - the case I'm using in the photos is an official leather one from Apple.