The Best iOS Apps To Start The Year With, By Apple

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The Best iOS Apps To Start The Year With, By Apple

In attempt to help you with your New Year's resolution and accomplish more in 2014, Apple has set up a special collection of iOS apps that may prove useful.

They were put into a separate section in the AppStore and divided in a number of categories. Those include Your Money, Your Body, Your Mind, and Your Time. Every category holds from eight to ten items, so you're getting a quite rich collection of titles that will help you stay fit, change bad eating habits or be more productive. While a large number of them is free, others cost a pound or two.

Most of the apps are very popular - like Clear or Evernote - but there are a few you might have never stumbled upon. Even if you did and you have them installed on your phone or tablet, it's always good to dust off that last page of your homescreen. In the end, thanks to the quality and convenience of some apps, you might actually find yourself keeping your New Year's resolutions for once.

Check out the AppStore right now to sift through Apple’s “New Year, New You” section.