Best Gallery Apps For Android

With displays getting bigger and sharper, mobile devices are on their way to replace desktops for watching films and browsing photos. This is why you need a good gallery application. The one that came with your Android phone or tablet by default may be good enough, but after a few months you sure long for something new. Fortunately, there are tens of capable alternatives in the Play Store. They allow you to organize the collection of your favourite images as well as edit and share them with friends.

Choosing the right one is a relatively difficult task. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the best gallery apps for Android. They combine unique with great interfaces and speed. Enjoy!

Note: Apps are in no particular order.


Arguably the best gallery app for Android. In addition to a price tag of free, it offers a good-looking user interface packed with smooth animations and a number of useful features. You can browse photos by folders and display them in three different ways: as a stack, grid or list. There’s also a built-in explorer view for direct access to files. Moreover, QuickPic allows you to hide or exclude folders you do not want to see, create new and rename existing folders, sort and move pictures as well put a shortcut to your favourite album on the home screen.

QuickPic comes with a bunch of basic photo editing tools. You can easily crop (by aspect ratio, resolution or cropper), shrink, and rotate your photo before you set it as a wallpaper.


flayvr is not just a gallery app. It was designed to reinvent the way you browse your photos and videos and built around advanced social features. It puts all your files in a timeline, which automatically sorts them by time, location, and events. The most important albums can be shared privately or on any social network in a couple of seconds.

In addition to all that, flayvr has a beautiful interface, where pictures and videos are displayed in the form of a collage.

F-Stop Media Gallery

Released just a few days ago, F-Stop Media Gallery is ready to compete with the best apps in the category. It offers basic functionality of a generic photo viewer as well as a number of unique and interesting features. Those include full support for animated GIFs, adding and editing tags, and sorting by metadata. You can also create your own albums (or let the app do it), rename, move and copy files, protect folders with a password, and share pictures with any third-party app.

All that is wrapped in a polished interface optimized for both phones and tablets.

Photo Days Gallery

Photo Days is a rather simple gallery app, but oh dear – it is gorgeous. The interface was designed with great attention to detail and features a rare colour combination of gray, white and bright red. Given that most developers go with black or dark backgrounds, Photo Days is a breath of fresh air.

As far as functionality is concerned, the app can display photos in three different views (timeline, calendar, and standard album layout) and edit EXIF data.


NeroKwik is a cross-platform all-in-one photo viewer packed with useful features. It can be linked to your social networks to download pictures and keep your collection in sync with other devices, be it your Windows 8 computer or Kindle Fire tablet. Additionally, with just a few taps and drags you can create special albums called Tapestries, which can be later shared privately with your friends and family or posted publicly on Twitter or Facebook.

NeroKwik has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface and comes with a set of powerful photo editing tools, filters included.

If you recommend any other gallery apps for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.

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