Fantastic Apple iWatch Concept


Fantastic Apple iWatch Concept

With the air thick of countless rumors about Apple releasing a smartwatch in the near future, we actually start believing it and getting hyped up. Smartwatches are either the next step in the development of consumer electronics, or a complete flop. Whichever it is, only the future will tell. So far, we don't know anything about the device, so we can only dream and share ideas.

There are a few interesting iWatch concepts floating around in the web, but the new one published by Todd Hamilton is arguably the best of them. Studied design make it special, as it looks like something Apple could actually produce. It doesn't look like a watch at all, rather like a piece of elegant high-tech jewelry. In Hamilton's eyes, the iWatch should be a slim wristband with a curved display. The form factor looks akin to FuelBand, which is a good thing because Nike's watch feels very natural on the wrist.

Hamilton's iWatch would be running a version of iOS 7 with the interface modified for its vertically-aligned touchscreen. With the watch, you could answer calls, reply to text, check the weather, and even use apps. The software would also have Siri incorporated into the lockscreen so you could ask a question without touching a single button.

Apple iWatch in Todd Hamilton's design looks really fantastic, but since pictures speak louder than words, we'll let you find it out for yourself.