Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS 7 Control Center

Control Center is probably iOS 7’s best and most used feature. You can launch it by swiping from the bottom on the screen to control music playback, turn on or off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and activate airplane mode. Unfortunately, this is where Control Center’s functionality ends. There is no way to add new toggles or customize its looks.

However, if you own a jailbroken iOS device, you can download and install numerous brilliant tweaks and extensions to make Control Center more powerful and useful.

We are presenting you with a list of five of the best of them. They all are free, so what’s not to love? Enjoy!


ControlTask brings back the old multi-tasking switcher from iOS 6 and puts it in the lower row of icons in Control Center. It displays five apps running in the background and allows you to swipe left to reveal more, or right to show original system toggles. Another swipe to the right will close all open applications.

CCToggles, CCSettings

Combined with CCSettings, CCToggles can be used to add more toggles and shortcuts to Control Center. It features a large collection of different switches to choose from.


Arguably the most complex Cydia tweak for Control Center. It is packed with useful features, such an ability to choose a theme for the icons, restrict certain toggles from being clockable from the lock screen, and pick a number of toggles visible on the screen. It also brings all switches you’d ever need, from 3G, airplane mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DND, flashlight, hotspot, location to respring, and more.


FlipControlCenter is a simpler version of CCControls. It allows you to enable or disable a bunch of toggles in the Control Center control how many toggles were visible on a single page.

CC Deseparator

A little nifty tool that removes the separator lines in Control Center. It will be useful for those who want to keep the interface clean and appreciate good design.

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