The Best Cydia Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks for iOS 7

The jailbreak for iOS 7 and iPhone 5S, iPad Mini and iPad Air devices was dropped on everyone by surprise. Because it came out of the blue, Cydia itself and all the major Cydia tweaks were not ready for iOS 7 and A7 devices.

It’s been a few weeks since the jailbreak release and developers have caught up, updating their tweaks for everyone to download, buy and enjoy.

We’ve rounded up a list of some of the best jailbreak tweaks you should download for your device right now.


Activator may just be the most popular Cydia tweak. It allows you to customise buttons and gestures to carry out many different commands. You can do things like triple press the home button to activate your favourite app or, use a gesture to carry out an action. The most recent update now even lets you use TouchID if you have an iPhone 5S.


One of the biggest features lacking on iOS is a file browser. It’s understandable why Apple don’t include one – they don’t want clueless users to move or delete important files that may make their device unusable. iFile gives you a file manager with which you can browse all the files on your iOS device.


If you have an iPhone 5S with TouchID and have apps that you don’t want people to get into, this is a must have cydia tweak. This allows you to set up apps that only allow use when it reads your fingerprint.


TetherMe allows you to use your device as a personal hotspot. It can be used with USB, Bluetooth or WiFi. It’s a fantastic way to use a laptop or iPad on the go without having to fork out extra on a data plan.


iOS 7 introduced control center – a place where you have quick access to important features on your iOS device. Unfortunately it’s not very customisable. CCControls is a tweak that allows you to customise what toggles you have in Control Center.


If you’re like me and don’t use some of the features in Control Center, this is a useful tweak. You can hide parts of the Control Center with CCHide. I never use the music player on my device, so I hide the music controls.

BytaFont 2

If you’re into customising the font on your device, BytaFont 2 is a pretty awesome tweak. You can choose from many different fonts.


Apple limits the potential some apps have, for example Google’s Chrome browser. With this tweak you can get the most out of the Chrome browser – you’ll find that it’s much quicker compared to Safari.

Messages Customiser

Want to change the colour of the messages in the messages app, this is the app you need.


F.lux is a brilliant tweak for those who want to adjust the temperature of their display. In dark rooms the screen can be too harsh for some, F.lux fixes that by making your screen much warmer and easier on the eyes.

If you recommend anymore awesome jailbreak tweaks or apps please do list them in the comments below!

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