Apple Celebrate The Mac's 30th Birthday With A Special Video

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Apple Celebrate The Mac's 30th Birthday With A Special Video

The first Macintosh, released in 1984, marked an essential milestone for the industry and reinvented the way we perceive and use personal computers. In addition to attractive appearance, great build quality, and performance, the original Mac offered something unusual at the time and unique for Apple - an interface built for your average consumer. You didn't have to be a computer scientist to get a hang of it and start creating things. The Mac was very intuitive and simply worked.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Mac's release onto the market, Apple have posted a very special video. It features a range of pioneers, innovators and creative figures – Moby, April Greiman, Hans Zimmer, Iris van Herpen, Nick Knight, Theodore Gray and others — who share their stories of what impact has the Mac had on their work and lives.

In between, a short visual history of Apple's computer is interwoven. We can see the new models - for instance the new Mac Pro - as well as some devices from the past, such as the Macintosh Classic.

The video comes with an awesome interactive timeline that can be found on Apple's website.