7 Tips For Designing A Better Workspace

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7 Tips For Designing A Better Workspace

We bet you're familiar with our article series, in which we feature the most beautiful workspaces and desktop arrangements we stumble upon on the Internet (in case you're not, make sure to check it out). We've started it, because we believe that a thoughtfully designed workspace can be a key to better efficiency and productivity and comfort.

Thus, we've put together a list of 7 tips which may come in handy when designing your workspace. Keep them in mind and don't be afraid to experiment, and reinventing your work environment will be easy as pie. Enjoy!

Evaluate existing furniture

Look at your current setup with a cold eye. Is your desk comfortable? Do you really need this jagged and old-fashioned mouse pad? Can you get hold of those piles of documents that scorn around? If your stuff is old, worn or you simply don't like it anymore, replace it with something that will bring a breeze of freshness into the workspace. Sometimes adding a single thing may work miracles.

Decorate with colour, sound, and accessories

A well-crafted desk or a good-looking pair of speakers can dramatically change the appearance of a desk. Depending on your preferences, you may either go for minimal style, which takes Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s famous words “Less is more” for its ground rule, or come up with a cozy desk full of warmth and personal accents.

Generally, the idea is to make the workspace beautiful for you and stuff it with things that you love to look at. In the end, you’ll be spending long hours by the desk. Do not be afraid to experiment with accessories and additions of various colours and shapes.

Determine functions

It is time to ask yourself a question of what will you use your desk for? If you’re a graphic designer, you need a lot of space for a tablet and a large-screened monitor. On the other hand, writers, will appreciate inspirational atmosphere and subtle touches such as motivational posters or a couple of pens to fiddle with while gathering thoughts.

Evaluating the function of your desk will help you get rid of things you don’t necessarily need and add those, that may become actually helpful.

Correct the lightning

Lighting is as important as every other element of the desktop. As you may already know, well-lit office is a strong motivator and can significantly improve your productivity. The more light in the room, the more awake it looks, keeping you awake. This is the reason behind a lot of workspaces are set in very open and naturally lit spaces.

When working in the night you might benefit from multiple light sources, it keeps the room awake. But then you may prefer to work in darkness.

Rearrange useful items

Look at the items you want to have on the desk and evaluate, how important they are to you and your workflow. From computer to phone to that small artificial plant your girlfriend bought you for birthday, put them in order that will result in better efficiency and ergonomics. Items that you use the most should be placed within hands reach, while stuff that you will reach out for occasionally can be put away.

Keeping a clean workspace can help declutter your mind and focus on what's important.

Evaluate the ergonomics

This is a boring rule that probably won’t translate into the aesthetics of your workspaces, but certainly will impact your comfort and health. You'll most likely be sitting in a chair at your workspace so it's vital to get a chair that will last you years and won't cause any strain on your body. You don't want to be sitting in uncomfortable chair that will hinder your ability to focus.

Did you know that adding a footrest may relieve pressure on the lower back? As a result, you’ll be able to work harder and longer without major unpleasant consequences. Such details are really important.

Always improve your workspace

Once you've created your perfect workspace don't just stop there. Having it look the same for months may end up being boring and uninspiring. So you should always be improving it. Tweaking bits here and there to your liking.