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WhatsApp Redesigned For iOS 7

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WhatsApp Redesigned For iOS 7

WhatsApp for iOS has received the long-awaited update with redesigned interface and new features. It finally blends with iOS 7's minimalistic style which will please millions of users all around the world, who didn't like the inconsistency between system and the previous version of WhatsApp. Now the app brings the default messaging app to mind a lot, with the same colour scheme and similar UI layout.

As for features, developers have introduced broadcast lists for easy communication with a group of people, better management of blocked contacts and location share enhanced with 3D maps and in-app search. Additionally, the app was equipped with new notification alerts and sounds as well as an ability to crop pictures before sending. There's also a number of minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

You can download the new WhatsApp app for free from the Apple AppStore. After the first twelve months, the service is paid a symbolic $0.99 per year.