Best Weather Apps For Android

To dress accordingly before leaving for work or make plans for the weekend, you need to check the weather. To make weather checking a quick and easy process, nearly every mobile OS has its own array of weather apps. On Android, there are so many of them, that they were given a separate category in the Google Play Store. With tens of thousands of titles, it is incredibly difficult to pick the one that will be both reliable and good looking. Here is a quick compilation of some of the best weather apps available for Android

Note: Apps are in no particular order


Basic version of this app was downloaded between 10 and 50 million times. It is popular for a reason. Apart from being one of the best exposed weather app in the store, AccuWeather is a very reliable forecast source that will supports most locations from all around the world. It’s packed with features and in addition to casual temperature and weather condition icon, it displays graphs, visualizations, maps and videos. There’s even a news section to help you keep in touch with the latest report from your travel destination or home. As if that wasn’t enough, AccuWeather sports a modern, elegant look and is equipped with a number of stylish widgets.


WeatherBug is another extremely popular weather app. It supports over 2,6 millions locations worldwide, which makes it one of the most useful in its category. WeatherBug displays not only temperature, humidity, pressure and sunrise/sunset times, but also 10-day and hourly forecasts, severe weather alerts and notifications. The app also gives you access to interactive maps, live weather cams and lifestyle advices. The last is a feature that analyzes current weather parameters and helps you decide whether to go on a cycling trip or stay at home. WeatherBug has a couple of community-based functions, too. With a few taps you can snap, send and share a picture of the storm in your location or browse photos posted by others.

BBC Weather

BBC Weather relies on data provided by one of the biggest news companies in the world. In addition to current temperature and simple forecast, it displays sunrise/sunset times, pressure, visibility and humidity information and an extra 3-hour forecast. If you live in the UK, you’ll be happy to know that the app can also provide you with details on the weather in the next 48 hours as well as details on UV radiation, pollen acitivity and air pollution. As for visuals, BBC Weather is clear and easy on the eyes. It is compatible with phones and tablets (both 7 and 10 inches) and comes with a variety of differently sized interactive widgets.

Eye In Sky

Eye In Sky boasts the most minimalistic and elegant design. Being compatible with both smartphones and tablets, the app puts the weather first. There are no unnecessary features, buttons that clutter the screen. The navigation is gesture-based so to see a 48-hour or 15-day forecast, you only need to swipe left or right. Eye In Sky gives you an option to customize iconset (14 to choose from) as well as set up an expandable notfication allowing you to check the weather without opening an app. There are also four widgets and a DashClock extension that can put forecast directly on your phone’s lockscreen.


Similarly to Eye In Sky, Hue was designed with simplicity and readability with mind. On the main screen, you can see current weather, short description of a condition, wind speed, estimated temperature range and forecast. The app uses beautiful colours and animations to provide a fluid and unique user experience. There are also three fancy widgets and a DashClock extension.


Climatip offers a rather unique approach to both design and the idea of checking the weather. The developer came up with a theory, that you don’t really need to know the exact temperature to be able to decide whether you need an umbrella or not. His app uses a colour, an icon and a short tip to recommend the perfect outfit for the day. For example, when it is hot outside, the app advices you to wear shorts and trainers. The idea is brilliant and uses colour psychology to deliver information. Given the fact that Climatip is available for free, you should definitely see if you can revise your weather checking habits.

If you recommend any other Android weather apps, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.

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