VSCO Cam Comes To Android


VSCO Cam Comes To Android

VSCO Cam, arguably one of the best camera apps for iOS, has now arrived on Android. In addition to beautiful and simple interface, it includes all the same powerful editing tools as the iOS version. Namely, directly from within the app you can not only take photos, but also apply a filter, change contrast, exposure and temperature. Moreover, you can easily crop and rotate photos as well as add a fade or vignette effect. An array of supplementary presets is available for purchase in the in-app store.

Apart from capture and photo-editing functionality, VSCO Cam was equipped with a built-in that allows you to filter pictures by geolocation, date, applied effect and more. All images in the library can be quickly shared via VSCO's own photo-centric social network called Grid, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Weibo. There's also a Journal feature designed to provide you with a daily dose of inspiration, tutorials, interviews and other interesting information.

The best thing about VSCO Cam is of course the massive array of filters available. The filters are ones that you'd find professional photographers and videographers use. There is a filter for nearly every type of picture. Unlike other similar apps, VSCO Cam tries its best to preserve the detail a picture has without over doing it, the filters simply provide much more emotion.

VSCO Cam can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. The app is compatible with most devices running Android 4.0 or newer.