Tersus – Colourful Android Icon Theme

Tersus 2.0 is a theme that seems to follow iOS’ rounded square design when it comes to icons, thankfully it doesn’t follow iOS 7’s ugly icon style.

The icons that come with Tersus 2.0 are a perfect blend of skeumorphism and flat – they feature lovely subtle gradients and very shallow shadows. The gradients actually give them a very nice button effect which is always nice to have on a touchscreen OS such as Android.

The icons follow the colour and design guidelines of major brands, companies and apps so they’re very recognisable which is of course very important in finding the app you need.

Tersus 2.0 has over 1400 icons to fit nearly every single major app available on the Play Store.

Grab the wallpaper here.

Tersus 2.0 for Android Р£0.62

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