Spotify Apps For Mac And PC Get A New, Darker Look

The official desktop clients for the popular music streaming service Spotify have received a major update today. It doesn’t bring any new features, but a completely redesigned user interface. It is now cleaner, darker and far more elegant.

While some elements of the UI are deep grey, the others are almost black. They are accompanied by bigger fonts, rounded graphics, minimalistic buttons and filtered artworks. Increased font size doesn’t improve readability and allows less text to be displayed on the screen. As a result, empty spaces are to be seen here and there and users stumble upon scrollable lists more often than before. Additionally, metaphors of some buttons are harder to understand. For example, the well-known “Share” button was replaced with enigmatic three dots. It goes without saying that they are less intuitive than a clear label.

As for other changes, artists have now circular avatars, their “cover” images were darkened, and tabs are sporting a new simpler look that reminds us of Android’s interface. The Discover view was reconfigured to display a grid of suggestions instead of previous size-inconsistent boxes. Generally speaking, refreshed UI will require some getting used to, but modernity and elegance it brings are worth it. It is good to see developers bringing up with dated design trends and experiment with new approaches.

The new version of Spotify for Mac and PC was not announced officially, but it is being pushed out to users at this very moment.

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