Rubber Band Machine Gun


Rubber Band Machine Gun

You can never be sure when you may get involved in a rubber band fight and it's good to have a powerful weapon to fight off devious enemies. The new Rubber Band Machine Gun can come in handy in the middle of warfare at home or in the office.

This fully automatic weapon is made of light, yet durable wood. Like a minigun it shoots by rotating the barrels. All barrels can hold multiple bands and are rotated around the central axis by a built-in electric motor. It allows you to let off even 672 bands when fully loaded. As if that wasn't enough, the Rubber Band Machine Gun is equipped with a loader that makes the usually painful reloading, a pleasure that takes only minutes.

This awesome gun is ready to join your private armory for as much as $100. It's quite expensive, but who are we to put a price on the thrill that comes from winning a rubber band match?

Rubber Band Gun - $100