Pinterest’s New Creative Headquarters

Pinterest, one of the most popular photo-sharing services on the internet, has new headquaters and they are utterly awesome. Just like Twitter, the company has settled in San Francisco where it bought a two-storey old warehouse and had it restored. The combined effort of First OfficeAll of the Above, and Schwartz and Architecture has resulted in a large, accommodating space that stimulates creativity.

The headquaters can house up to 300 employees, but there are no cubicles for them. The ground floor is a cooperative enviroment full of conferencing areas where the workers can sit by long tables and share and discuss ideas as well as work on various projects hand in hand. The upper part of the building is reserved for private workspaces and personal lounges that allows the employees to think and work without distraction.

As for interior design, Pinterest’s headquaters in San Francisco have a rather industrial character. They feature strong and distinct combination of steel pillars and wooden finish. White-painted walls add clarity and elegance in addition to making the inside look even bigger than it really is.

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